Gloway——The leader of Gaming Memory

In 2002

Several young guys create the brand name"Gloway" in a coffee house,Canada

In 2003

The Gloway memory of DDR 400Mhz started to sell

In 2004

Products entered the market of TigerDirect、Future Shop、Best Buy in Canada

In 2005

Sales over 5 million canadian dollars

In 2006

The first oversea office was built in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

In 2007

GLOWAY launched new products of overclocking memory,the super quality and best price gained good reputation

In 2008

GLOWAY started branches in Hongkong,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanghai

In 2009

GLOWAY Got a Chinese name "Guangwei(光威)"

In 2010

Gloway purchased the second memory module factory

In 2010

Successfully launched products of solid state drive

In 2012

Sales over 100 million

In 2013

Group POWEV signed full acquisition agreement with Gloway,80% paid by cash,the balance 20% paid by share

In 2014

Sales of Gloway in every commercial platform broke 10 million every month

In 2015

Gloway was rated as the most popular computer accessories

In 2016

Become one of the first ten popular memory brands